Claim Eidi Tokens

Claim your personal supply of IDChain Eidi tokens by using BrightID to prove you are only claiming once.


Download BrightID on your smartphone


Get verified by BrightID

Make connections to your friends and join a verification party to get verified.


Provide your address

Enter the ethereum address you want your Eidi be sent to or load it automatically from Metamask.


Link your address to BrightID

Scan the generated QR code on your smartphone to link your address to your BrightID or click this deep link, if you're already on your phone. A few seconds after linking, you will receive your personal supply of tokens.


Add IDChain to Metamask

Click this button and approve adding IDChain to list of networks in your Metamask.

Start Using Dapps

Now you can enjoy using dapps on IDChain without worrying about gas prices!
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